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Process Service - Hints

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Helpful Hints for Process Service

  • Always indicate the 'report status by' date for service on your Process Form. Please include an extra copy of the summons for all Superior Court cases. In Washington State Superior Court, all proofs of service must be filed with a copy of the summons attached in order to be valid. If you do not attach a copy of the summons, we will do it for you for a nominal fee.
  • Please be clear regarding the entity we are to serve: Person or Marital Community, Corporation or Other Business Entity, Government Entity. Please be clear about whether or not you need personal service or abode service. Some process service documents such as Orders and Federal Subpoenas require personal service, while most others can be served to any named resident of suitable age and discretion.
  • Please include a witness fee, payable to the witness with any subpoena you are serving. If you don't know the accurate witness fee, feel free to call our office for assistance.
  • If you are serving a hostile party or any party known to avoid or contest service, you should advise us in advance and also provide as much information as possible on those persons you are trying to serve.
  • Save yourself mileage fees by providing both work and home addresses and schedules for the parties you wish to serve. Since process service rates in Washington are set by statute and do not include charges for mileage, the fewer trips we make and the fewer miles we charge to get there, the more money we can save for you and your clients on process service.

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